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About Coach Lori

Hi! I’m Lori Carpenter and I’m an ADHD & Executive Function coach. I became a coach after years of helping family members and friends adjust to life after an adult ADHD diagnosis.

ADHD runs strongly in my family, altogether there are thirteen of us with a diagnosis – and six of us were diagnosed as adults. Being surrounded by people who understand the rewards and challenges of having a non-typical brain (and of parenting non-typically-brained kids!) is incredibly supportive. We share new ideas and tips from seminars, books, and articles. We work out more efficient ways to manage the frustrations and challenges we encounter. Most importantly, we provide an innate reassurance that our quirks are just that, quirks. They don’t control us, they don’t limit us, they certainly don’t define us.

Congratulations on seeking to learn more about your condition. ADHD is an extremely treatable condition and coaching is a valuable addition to your treatment plan. During our weekly sessions you will learn new tools and develop daily practices to help ingrain what you’re learning. Through mindful action, you will be able to create your own routine and support system.

Let’s build your future together.

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